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Q: How many percent of gold is in 10k gold?

  • 10k gold: 41.6% gold
  • 14k gold: 58.5% gold
  • 18k gold: 75% gold
  • 24k gold: 99.99% gold

Q: What carat do the specialist recommend?

A: The specialish recommend the 14k gold. 18k gold is too expensive and 10k gold might tarnish depends on people.

Q: How do I order 2pc and 10pc gold teeth?

A: Order with custom order.

Q: What is the remake service?

A: We can make the old gold teeth to a new gold teeth. If it is made by Gold Teeth Grillz (It will have a stamp) we can deduct some price.
- 6pc/ 10k gold teeth: $40 , - 6pc/ 14k gold teeth: $60 , - 6pc/ 18k gold teeth: $80.

If it is made by other company(we do not trust other company for using the exact amount of gold) 6pc/ 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold: $30.
Send us your old gold teeth and mold, then we send you the mony order for the old gold teeth price with new gold teeth.